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We think about society’s health

The company has equipped laboratories along with cooperation with the standard office to improve the quality and new products with superior quality and in accordance with the customer’s opinions and demands.

We believe that by producing and supplying high quality products, national interests can be preserved and to achieve this goal by improving the skill and expertise of employees as the most important assets of the company by providing training courses as well as continuous improvement, increasing production, reducing costs and finally raising productivity, we are taking action to improve customer satisfaction.

Fundamental Values
Innovation: Asafood is committed to innovation in its progress.
Cooperation: Company commits to continue to cooperate like members of a family.
Customer Orientation: Asafood is committed to quick action against shortcomings and opportunities.
Health: Also, other commitments of this complex include the health of customer, employees and environment.


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Asagoster Sharif Food Industries Company


Unit 8, No. 30, Bahar 2 St., Vahid Riazi Bakhsha Ybakhsh St., Sarv-e-Gharbi St., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
Saadat Abad Office Phone:
Shahrak-e-Gharb Office Phone:

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Asa Gostar Sharif Food Manufacturing Industries Co. has representatives for distribution of products in European countries such as UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Arab countries such as UAE, Oman and Kuwait.
The company accepts an active sales representative to distribute its products.
All orders of food products with Asa brand and send to the destination country are done by this company.