About us

Asa Gostar Sharif Food Industries Co. offers organic, healthy, nutritious, quality and diverse products in the chain of organic food products and in domestic markets and neighboring countries and European countries, offering a wide range of activities in the field of production of products such as dates, natural honey, sesame oil and saffron. Relying on young and motivated human capital, innovation and sustainable production is one of the advantages of this company and always promotes the satisfaction of key stakeholders, customer loyalty, community health and creating added value.

Asa Gostar Sharif Food Manufacturing Industries Co. has representatives for distribution of products in European countries such as UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Arab countries such as UAE, Oman and Kuwait.

The company accepts an active sales representative to distribute its products.

All orders of food products with Asa brand and send to the destination country are done by this company.